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What is life?

Is it that desire to stay from being dead?
Or that blind urge to trudge on instead?
Can it be the need for love?
Or the desperation to stay above?

I have wandered the face of this earth
And peered into many a homestead's hearth
I have searched deep within many a soul
And sought to identify what keeps it whole

What plugs the hole and keeps it afloat?
What stays the masts of our rickety boats?
In fair weather, what keeps the storms at bay?
In foul, where does the fair sun stay?

Why do we act out of turn?
Is life in the widow's mourn?
Does life consist of every pain?
All the fears and longings we barely restrain?

I have seen life in a baby's smile
Wishing to freeze it and make it a never-ending while
But the world continues and life intrudes
The iron of life is that life extrudes

It crosses boundaries and debunks laws
It perceives victories and reveals flaws
Or why do the worst live the longest?
Or the most honest have the barest?

And who says the barest makes the honest
Or that what we see as worst is not indeed the best
Why is life like like flashes of lightning in a December sky?
Why indeed is it so hard to bid life, bye

Does it really end in the brown sod?
At a knife's thrust or a diving board?
In an ill-fated accident or a dreamless slumber
Or in a life snuffed out like the dieing ember

Does an epitaph really say it all?
Does it express the man before the fall?
Oh please tell me what is this life
That I may not forver be filled with strife

dreamyetty (c) January 2004

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